“We Hear You” Wins Best Film on Disability

“We Hear You” is a one-hour documentary about hearing loss, the invisible disability that impacts 430 million people worldwide. The film won the “Best Film on Disability” category in the June 2021 awards at the Cannes World Film Festival and has a chance to become a Grand Winner, and be screened in Cannes during the festival’s Annual Award Ceremony in 2022.

Executive produced by three women with hearing loss — Shari Eberts, Roxana Rotundo and Holly Cohen — this documentary was conceived, filmed and directed across two continents, all during the COVID-19 pandemic. It illustrates the stigmas and challenges of living with hearing loss and pays special attention to the ways in which the pandemic has impacted at least one key tool of survival — lip reading.

Mainstream Media Does Not Always Deliver an Accurate Representation

Of the 48 million Americans who have less than “perfect” hearing, fewer than five percent depend upon sign language as their primary form of communication. In spite of that, sign language is the lived experience most often portrayed on large and small screens. Until now.

Watch the Documentary & Attend an HLAA-Sponsored Talkback with the Producers

An exclusive “We Hear You” event on September 23rd will feature a Talkback with the producers, hosted by Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA). Since launching the We Hear You trailer, people have asked to see the full documentary and can now do that. Register here to watch the film and to attend the Talkback with the producers, and moderator Gael Hannan.

How to Watch the Film

Two weeks before the event, you will receive a link via email to the film on Vimeo. Enter the included password and enjoy watching the film online at your convenience prior to the event. The link expires when the Talkback begins on Thursday September 23rd at 7pm ET. The film has open captions including English translations for the parts of the film that are in Spanish.

IMPORTANT: Please view the film before the Talkback. It will not be shown at the Zoom Event.

How to Join the Talkback on September 23rd

The Talkback, moderated by Gael Hannan, will provide a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the documentary and give the filmmakers the opportunity to hear from you—the hearing loss community. You will receive a link to the event when you register. We look forward to a fun and lively conversation about the film. 

To learn more about We Hear You, visit www.we-hearyou.com or sign up for email alerts about the film.

Register here for the link to watch the film and to attend the Talkback with the producers.

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