President’s Update, November 2021

Hello again!  Hope all is well!

I have been busy changing things around the house gearing up for the end of fall and beginning of winter.  Hard to believe winter is just around the corner. 

I have been busy with setting up a number of zoom meetings.  Maintaining a detailed calendar is crucial to be sure I don’t miss anything important.

Chapter programs are varied and may change so, it is important to double check for the latest information on your local chapter’s website.  For information about the Rochester Chapter’s programs, where I am from please visit, You may also call our Chapter’s Hotline, 585-266-7890 to get the latest information.

As of this time all programs and activities for the HLAA Rochester Chapter, will be strictly virtual, until January of 2022.

Now let’s move on to updates of The HLAA New York State Association (NYSA).  Mark your calendars for our upcoming HLAA-NYSA Annual MeetingThe meeting will be via ZOOM and of course captions will be provided.  The date and time is December 4th, 2021 at 10am.  All members of the HLAA-NYSA are welcome to join.  We will update everyone where we are currently and what we hope to accomplish for the coming year.  We will also present the incoming slate of board members, officers and Professional Advisory Committee (PAC) members.  This meeting will be the last Board of Directors meeting I will be hosting as President of HLAA-NYSA.  Kassey Granger, from Glens Falls area, will be succeeding me, starting January 1st, 2022.   

If you have not already marked your calendar for the 2022 HLAA-NYSA State Conference, please do.  The dates are September 16th, 17th & 18th of 2022. 

It is hard to believe my term as President of the HLAA-NYSA, is drawing to a close.  We have come a long way as a state association and we all should be proud!  Going from an association that was on the verge of folding at the HLAA Convention in 2019, to a vibrant association with a nearly full board of directors and four (4) extremely active committees, has been truly remarkable.  All of these accomplishments have only been possible because of the people who were willing to work at the state level to provide their time and effort to support the Association. Everyone worked diligently on behalf of people with hearing loss.  I was proud to be able to facilitate communication among everyone within the Association and help identify people who would be willing to help.  We are an all-volunteer organization and to stay strong we need to find a happy medium where people can come together for a great cause such as helping those with hearing loss and have fun doing it.  HUGE kudos go out to all those that have come together and supported our efforts!!   All of you deserve full credit.   I am forever grateful and humbled to have been your president. 

By now you should have seen a survey go out concerning the State Conference.  If you have not seen it or filled it out please go to our website  and complete it.  If for some reason you can’t access the link or have questions please reach out via email:

Have you joined or renewed your membership for the HLAA-NYSA?  You can do this by fulfilling two requirements:  First, you must reside in New York State and second, you’ll need to be a member of HLAA National.  For more information visit

Together we can make a difference for everyone with hearing loss in our state of New York!  As always…

“Thank you for your support!”          

– Dan    

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