New Documentary on Hearing Loss Experience: April 2021

Do you believe that hearing loss is accurately represented in mainstream media? If your answer is no, you will want to see the one-hour documentary, “We Hear You” next month when it is released. It was created over the past six months by four women who tell their stories about navigating life with hearing loss, before and during a global pandemic.

Approximately 48 million Americans live with “less-than-perfect” hearing and about 2 million identify as Deaf (capital D), using sign language as their primary form of communication. The fact that sign language is the lived experience most often portrayed in film and media is misleading, and a missed opportunity to educate people.

As Shari Eberts, one of the film’s creators, said, “For most of us — especially those of us who developed hearing loss later in life — our personal and professional networks live in the hearing world, and that is where we want to remain.”  Read Shari’s post and view trailer for upcoming film >>

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