Assistive Communication Technology Survey

The Committee for Communication Access in America (CCAA) is urging anyone with any degree of hearing loss to participate in a survey they designed to quantify the experience, and preferences, of consumers who benefit from assistive tools and technologies available in public spaces. The survey will be open to US residents from September 11 to September 30. Survey Link >>

For Reference: Any non-residential space where people need to hear clearly may be equipped with a variety of assistive tools and technologies to boost audio clarity and comprehension. Some of the solutions work directly and seamlessly with hearing aids, cochlear implants, bone conduction aids and other personal hearing instruments. Other solutions work for everyone, including those who do not rely on personal hearing instruments.

There are 30 multiple-choice questions and it should take no longer than 10 minutes to complete this survey. CCAA retained the services of the Frost Center for Data and Research at Hope College (Holland, MI) for help with survey design, data collection, data analysis and report writing on the results.

CCAA member Professor David Myers, an internationally known psychologist, educator and author, said, “As social animals—as people who need people—hearing is vital to our emotional and cognitive health. Thankfully, today’s hearing technologies can enable those of us with this great invisible disability to escape the deafness that caused Beethoven to lament living ‘like an exile’ and experiencing social encounters with ‘a hot terror.’” 

Information on the various communication technologies presented in the survey is posted on the CCAA website: For more information, contact Stephen O. Frazier at or (505) 401-4195.

About the Committee for Communication Access in America
The CCAA is an ad hoc committee of nationally known advocates for people with hearing loss who have collaborated to gather and share collective information on the use of assistive communication technology. The members of the committee are:

Dr. Abram Bailey – Audiologist and founder of Hearing Tracker. Co-founder of HearAdvisor, a testing and results reporting lab for hearing aids

Blake Cadwell – Hard of hearing founder and CEO of Soundly, an online marketplace that streamlines searching for and comparing hearing products.

Dr. Carol Clifford – Nationally renowned speaker in the Hearing Industries. Now in private practice after service as university audiology clinic director, and as education and training director for ReSound.

Shari Eberts – Writer, author, advocate and founder of the Living with Hearing Loss blog. Executive producer of the We Hear You award-winning documentary film.

Stephen O. Frazier, Founder and Chair – Former Publicity Director at Columbia Artists Management in NY. Freelance writer and longtime advocate for the hard of hearing and a hearing loss support specialist.

Dr. Kevin Liebe – President and CEO of Hearing Health & Technology Matters (HHTM). Practicing clinician with experience including hospital and ENT settings, and trainer for major manufacturer.

Dr. David Myers – Professor of psychology, internationally known author, founder of Former member of the Advisory Council of the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communications Disorders.

Dr. Juliette Sterkens – Audiologist, founder of Loop Wisconsin, author and national hearing loop advocate for the Hearing Loss Association of America.

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