January 17: Virtual NYC Chapter Meeting @ 6pm

On January 17, the NYC chapter of the Hearing Loss Association of America will host our annual interactive program, where chapter members share stories and advice without an outside moderator or speaker. The topic this year: how hearing loss affects us, emotionally and psychologically. Attendees will talk about specific challenges they’ve faced —  with technology, getting accommodations, with family, friends, the workplace, or in the public sector — and how they managed them. Others are invited to contribute their own experiences in similar situations. 

Chapter President Katherine Bouton will facilitate the discussion. Katherine has had progressive bilateral hearing loss since age 30. The cause is unknown. She received a cochlear implant in her left ear in 2009 and wears a hearing aid in her right. In addition to serving as president of the New York City Chapter she served on HLAA’s national board of trustees from 2012 to 2020. She is the author of “Shouting Won’t Help” (2013), a memoir of adult-onset hearing loss, “Living Better with Hearing Loss” (2015), and “Smart Hearing” (2018), a guide to living with hearing loss. Katherine is a former editor at and contributor to The New York Times, where her areas of expertise included the intersection of science, health and social issues.

Comments on the meeting topic can be made orally (three minutes per speaker), entered into the chat box, or submitted prior to the meeting. If submitting prior, please email your comment to katherinebouton@hearinglossnyc.org.

To join us for this captioned program, register here. You will receive an email with a zoom link.

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