Urgent: We Need Your Help!

We need everyone’s help to encourage Governor Hochul to sign the legislation to make New York the 39th state to have a commission or agency specifically dedicated to the needs of the Deaf, DeafBlind and Hard of Hearing. Please take a few minutes to review the suggestions and links below for the call to action on behalf of all New Yorkers.

  • Read and share: “How to Help” Suggestions (PDF) >>
  • Go online and sign the petition: https://chng.it/J6B5P4LJw4
  • Call and/or send an email or letter to the Governor. Ask your chapter president to write on behalf of chapter members.
    Email Link for Governor’s Office >>
    Mailing Address: Hon. Kathleen C. Hochul, Governor, Capitol Bldg., Albany, NY 12224
    Phone Number: (518) 474-8390 
    See Sample Letter PDF >>
  • Call your state senator and your assembly member to ask for their help. 
  • If you know any editors or reporters at newspapers, radio and TV news outlets, please ask them to help draw attention to our cause. (Key topic: Why is NY one of only 12 states without such an agency or commission?)

Our tone should be cordial and positive, because Governor Hochul has not decided to not sign the legislation. Her office simply has not indicated where she stands. So we are hopeful, but concerned. The more we make our voices heard the greater our chances that the commission will be established.

Thank you,

Kassey Granger
HLAA-NYSA President

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