President’s Update, December 2021

How is everyone doing?  I am doing well.  With the holidays upon us I am sure everyone is busy.  Busy is an understatement for me but it’s all good.  I would not have it any other way.  I just wish I could see many of the people I work with in-person once in a while instead of virtually most of the time.  However, I will say, as much as I miss seeing people in person I do enjoy “zooming.”  I am able to hear so much better on Zoom and captions are usually available when I need them.  Using a virtual platform has been a great way to meet and network with others.  Virtual meetings have been a great way to learn what other chapters are doing and has been a great resource for my Rochester Chapter.      

One of our recent take aways is the adaptation of what werefer to as our chapter’s new “e-Memo”.  The e-memo is a way for our chapter to send out reminders of upcoming events for the upcoming month.  Some chapters are using this format as a way to distribute their newsletter.  The Rochester Chapter continues to use the postal service to mail our members our award winning newsletter, thanks to Bruce and Candi Nelson.  If you have not already received an e-Memo and interested in getting e-Memo reminders from our chapter please sign up by visiting our website:  The platform we are using to do this is called Constant Contact.  One more thing to remember is to check your Spam box or Promotions box to be sure you indeed did not receive the e-Memo.  If you do find it in one of these two boxes move the email into your Inbox so next time you will not miss it.  (Sent 10/26/2021 @ 11:45am)

There are a few updates from The HLAA New York State Association (NYSA).  The HLAA-NYSA Annual Meetingwill be virtual, via Zoom, on December 4th, 2021 at 10am.  The meeting will of course, be captioned.  Please email if you wish to join the meeting.  We would love to have you and send you the link to the meeting once we have your email address. There are so many updates to share; I will do my best to touch on the key points.

As mentioned in last month’s update, my term as President is drawing to a close at the end of this year.  Kassey Granger will take the reins as President.  The Nominating Committee recommended Peter Fackler, who also sits on the HLAA National Board, to be our incoming Vice President and he has graciously accepted!  The new recommendations will be made official at the next Board of Directors meeting just prior to the Annual MeetingMary Kate Owens has agreed to continue a second term as Secretary and Tom Corteville as our Treasurer.  I will become the Immediate Past President and the incoming leader of the Nominating Committee. 

It is with great pleasure to let you know that we now have a full board!  Please join me in welcoming our newest Board of Directors member!  Her name is Trudie Walker from the North Shore Chapter!  Trudie is a semi-retired lawyer; her expertise will be a great addition to our board!  The HLAA-NYSA is now truly complete! 

Each of our committees has much to report.  Our Committee Leaders, listed alphabetically, are Peggy Bell, Jerry Bergman, Kassey Granger and Sue Miller.  They plan to share updates on the upcoming 2022 State Conference, recent testimony in front of our State Assembly, latest on the efforts of establishing a Commission for the Deaf, Deaf Blind and Hard of Hearing, website improvements and interest of a new chapter forming in Western New York!

I am proud of all our members of the Board of Directors, Officers, Committee Leaders, and Co-Leaders of our State Association!  These are the people along with other supporters that have made our New York State Association vibrant once again! Although I filled the rather large job of president, it was all of YOU that got us to where we are now. 

With the capabilities and enthusiasm of the new slate of incoming leaders, we can rest assured that the State Association will be in good hands and strong for years to come!

Check out our website at for the latest information and remember to join or renew your membership with HLAA at  By doing this and residing in New York State you are automatically a member of the HLAA-NYSA.  This is the first step in supporting our efforts and helping improve the lives of those living with hearing loss in our community and state of New York. 

Thanks again for your support and have a wonderful holiday season!         


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