Captions for ZOOM Meetings

Version 2.0 List of things & steps needed to setup 

FREE captions for Zoom meetings

Presented by: 

Dan Brooks – President of HLAA New York State Association

Things needed:

  1. Extra PC or Laptop – with Zoom installed
  • Android Pad or Smartphone – with Zoom app installed.  Also need to install “Live Transcribe” app from Google Play Store. 

undefinedNote – Any old or new android device will do with or without cellular service.  Just need to be able to connect to the Wi-Fi and download Zoom & Live Transcribe app. Also make sure the permission of audio of Zoom app within settings of the device is marked off so LT can work.  You may also have to put device into Airplane Mode to stop notifications or interruptions.  However in “airplane mode” make sure Wi-Fi remains on. 

  • External Speaker(s) such as a JBL Flip 4 or regular desktop speakers.
  • 3.5mm to 3.5mm Aux Cable
  • Chargers for all the devices as needed

Important notice: The entire set up listed above needs to be in a separate quiet room with external speaker loader than normal so Live Transcribe works well.  By doing this it will also prevent audio feedback. May need to make adjustments to audio to gain maximum desired audio.  If you are joining the meeting you will need to do so in another room with another computer.  The setup in picture above was in my garage!  😉

Setup Instructions:

  1. Sign in or join Zoom meeting with extra Laptop or PC. No Video is needed here but make sure audio is on and connected for Zoom.
  • Plug external speaker to extra Laptop or PC into the headphone jack.
  • Make sure to make the headphone jack a speaker when asked by PC or Laptop.  

Note – This needs to be done correctly so speaker will work.

  • Sign in or join Zoom meeting with Android device.  No audio or video is needed with this device.

Note – Make sure microphone is disabled within Zoom app in the settings of the device.  Usually found in the permission section.  

  • Share screen (“Start Now”) of Android device within Zoom and open the Live Transcribe app. Speak into it to make sure LT is ready.
  • Do a test from your main computer (not from extra PC or Laptop) to test to make sure all is ready to go prior to meeting starting.  This is a test to make sure everyone else in the meeting will see captions.

Optional if needing to save transcript of meeting:

  1. Turn on “save transcript.”  Note: transcripts are only saved for 3 days.
  • When meeting is done copy the whole transcript email to yourself. Note – Double check that you copied all of the transcript.  Sometimes not all is saved at once.  May need to copy and paste more than once.
  • Copy from email and paste to a blank page within Word.  Note if the words are “white” it may disappear in a “white” background.  May need to highlight all content and make turn text to black.
  • From there save transcript to a folder for future usages and/or email to group as needed.

Note from me: Version 2.0 is good when you want to be able to mute your screen to excuse yourself for a moment.  This version is also good if you just want to help set up Zoom so others can meet.  

If future improvements (simplifications) to the above setup occurs I will update with newer version of setup.   

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